Hidden Messages on iPhone

Open your iPhone’s Settings (that dark stuff symbol on your home screen or in your App how to find hidden text messages on android).

Look down and tap Messages.

Look down to “Message Filtering.”

Tap the “Channel Unknown Senders” change to turn it off.



Recuperating Deleted Messages

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Ensure your messages are reared up to iCloud. On the off chance that you erased a text and need to get it back, you might have the option to do as such by reestablishing from an iCloud reinforcement. To begin with, check to ensure your messages are really being reared up to iCloud:

Open your iPhone’s Settings (the dark stuff symbol on your home screen or in your App Library).

Tap your name at the top to open your Apple ID subtleties.

Tap iCloud.

Search for “Messages” in the rundown of supported up things. If its comparing switch is on (green), your messages are reared up to iCloud and you can utilize this technique to reestablish erased messages.

In the event that the switch is off (dim or white), you will not have the option to reestablish erased texts with this strategy.

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Open your iPhone’s Settings Image named Iphonesettingsappicon.png. Assuming you just verified whether you’re backing up messages, simply tap the back button until you’ve gotten back to the Settings menu. In any case, tap the dark stuff symbol on your home screen or in your App Library now.

This technique will delete and reestablish your iPhone. This sounds outrageous, however as long as you back your information to iCloud, the entirety of your information (counting the instant messages you had in your inbox at the hour of the reinforcement) will be put back onto your iPhone automatically.[1]

Applications that case to reestablish erased texts can just draw them from reinforcements. On the off chance that you would prefer not to reestablish your whole iPhone to recuperate your messages, you can pay for an application like Phone Rescue ($49.99) or Enigma Recovery ($59.99) that permits you to reestablish messages only.[2]


Tap General. This is the choice with a dark and-white stuff symbol in the third gathering of settings.


Look down and tap Reset. It’s close to the lower part of the page.

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